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Most reliable Prep Center in Florida!

Prep Services for FBA, FBM and D2C E-Commerce Stores. No hidden fees and 48 hours turnaround time!

Our process

All your prep needs!

Being sellers ourselves, our team knows and follows all FBA standards and specifications and rules.

If your products needs polybags due to Amazon standards we will polybag and box them for the fastest receiving process!
FNSKU Labeling
We label all of your items with FNSKU Labels to avoid any type of commingling and lost inventory resulting in lost profit.
Bubble Wrapping
Any items made of glass or are fragile will be bubble wrapped so that no item could be damaged in transit.
We assemble all your bundles and multipacks to prevent any separation of products at the time of receiving at the FBA fulfillment center.
We will ship your products on pallets to reduce your shipping costs and lower your receiving time at the FBA fullfilment center!
We store while protecting your products in pallet wraps or gaylords to prevent damages. First month free!
Working process

Outsource your prep get more time!

We work to maximize your time so you can do all the researching and buying products outsourcing all of the heavy work to us! Our clients know their inventory is in the best hands!

< 48H turnaround
Fast turnaround = fast profits
State of the art facility
Technologically equiped warehouse
Simple Pricing
All of the pricing is in our pricing section

Cloud Based Software

Full Amazon inventory sync to manage all of your shipments into our warehouse facility and in transit to Amazon's fulfillment center. Upload and track all shipments inbound and outbound. Everything in one place at the access of your fingertips.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most common questions we receive

We are located in Hollywood, FL 

Our address is - 2048 McKinley St Unit 6, Hollywood FL 33020

Using a software-based prep center is completely safe as we use only Amazon approved integrations

We offer FBA Prep, FBM, Direct to Consumer 

FNSKU Labeling, Bundles/Sets, Polybags, Palletizing. 

We are able to work with 2D barcodes workflow

For FBA Shipments 24-48 business hours

For Order/FBM if the order is before 2PM we can do same business day if after 2PM next business day.

Yes we do

We bill you right before we send you shipment 

Our clients love us


We are here to answer all of your quesitons.

To make sure our clients receive equal attention and opportunities we accept a limited number of clients per month as we are constantly hiring new team members and train them. Our mission is to provide you with the best automation service in the world.

Unlimited Possibilities
Fast Turnaround
Access from anywhere
Friendly customer service
Satisfaction guaranteed
Full transparency

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Our Pricelist Below

FBA PREP (For Single Items) - Price Includes Polybag
0 - 40 Units Per Month
$50 / month
41 - 100 Units Per Month
$1.25 / unit
101 - 300 Units Per Month
$1.15 / unit
301 - 500 Units Per Month
$0.75 / unit
501 - 750 Units Per Month
$0.65 / unit
751 - 1000 Units Per Month
$0.55 / unit
1001- 2500 Units Per Month
$0.45 / unit
2501+ Units Per Month
$0.35 / unit
SETS / Bundles
2 Unit Set / Bundle
3 to 6 Unit Set / Bundle
7 to 12 Unit Set / Bundle
13+ Unit Set / Bundle
+ $0.20 per unit
First Unit
Additional Unit
1 - 100 Orders Per month
101 - 300 Orders Per month
301 - 500 Orders Per month
501 - 1000 Orders Per month
1000+ Orders Per month
2 Step Dropshipping or Forwarding
1 - 20 Boxes Per Month
$100.00 / month
21 - 100 Boxes Per Month
$4.00 / unit
101 - 500 Boxes Per Month
$3.00 / unit
500+ Boxes Per Month
$2.50 / unit
$35.00 / pallet
$3.00 / return
Storage (First 2 Weeks Free)
Per Month
Bin (Half Rack)
Full Rack
Pallet (40x48x60in)
Additional Services
Removal Order FBA
$0.50 / unit
$2.00 / photo
Photoset for unlocking category
$25.00 / set
Label Removal
$0.15 / label
Bubble Wrap
$0.50 / square
Custom Requests
$50.00 / hour
Disposal Fee
Variable based on size
$0 - 500 Order
5% from order value
$501 - 1000 Order
4% from order value
$1000+ Order
3% from order value
$10.00 / pallet
Container 20ft
$200.00 /container
Container 40ft
$400.00 / container

Have a question or want more information? We are here to help!